Moondaily Tarot: The Sun…How is Yours Shining?

Pataki. Oni Mi Ojo Aje, Sere Moje, Odun Egbawa Mokandilogun…metadilogun awon ojo igba otutu.

(Diary. Today is Monday, January 7th, 2019 17 days into winter solstice.)

The Sun is a major arcane card in the Motherpeace Round Tarot. When it appears upright, it is a positive vibration of bringing the light to areas of your life where moon, or shadow energies have taught lessons. It is a beautiful thing to have little or nothing to go back to, as it only leaves room to drive forward. The Sun also vibrates on the rise (pun intended) of the divine masculine, which whispers to the ladies of cultivating connections with members of the opposite sex, whether is be men at work, in family, and or in romance. For men, it is a call to action. Bond with your Higher essence, and/or assist others men in doing the same if you have reached a sudden level. Let this sun, like the one in the sky, warm and nurture all in your life!


iiiYansa J. Muse

Goddess in Vast Oceans of Inner Tide


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Author: iiiYansaje T. Muse

I am a woman called on by many names...diviner, messenger, psychic, magic lady, prophetess, wise woman, oracle, spiritualist, cosmic counselor, and voice of reason. While I'm not the most orthodox card in the deck, I do specialize in helping people to balance their energies, identify and get rid of blockages, decode dream and waking life symbols, stimulate compassion and understanding in families, assist with pet communication, find their higher path, read and repair auras, receive insight and clarity in multiple areas of life...and of course, the many paths of love. I met the Divine Creator/Creatoress while staring into firelight, digging into the earth, feeling a gentle breeze, or reading next to a tree. I was about 9, unknowing of being third, perhaps fourth generation seer from both sides of my family. The spirit world has always spoken to me through impromptu revelation, connections with babies and animals, and spirit guide messengers. I created this blog to share my cosmic findings with you!

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