Daughter of Swords…Inverted.

Son of Cups…upright. 2 of Wands…pointing west.

This reading channeled through the 10.23.23 episode of Your Nightly Mystic 4Cast on 222.9 The Mothership. If this has reached you, then it is time for some balance in your love connections….especially the ones you KNOW (feel deep down) are divinely guided! A balance between masculine and feminine energy is afoot…divinely guided of course. Is this you?

If you are a woman, it is time to lower your sword and understand that the difference between a good man and a perfect one is that one exists…and the other does not. Your divine masculine may have done somethings to hurt you in the process of their ego death, but the Son of Cups indicates genuine change. The sword you reel isn’t just for him, though. The surrendering of the sword is also the releasing of hurt form your past relationships with men, be it family, AND past relationships. The oracle advises that you release and forgive this…so that this baggage is not carried in when love returns.

If you are a man, you are stepping into your divine masculine connection. This is good, but be prepared to face the music that your ego self created with your divine lady. Staying in your divine space of accountability calm and understanding will help her be calm and safe in your presence. It will take time though.

Your connection is divinely protected by the ancestral spirits of the divine feminine. The 2 of Wands says this. In the meantime, beam up to 222.9 The Mothership Internet Radio for the Divine Feminine Old Skool groove EVERY Moonday!

Ase in Love,

iiiYansaje T. Muse

By iiiYansaje T. Muse

iiiYansaje T. Muse is a spiritual counselor, poet, visual artist, author, Priestess of Oya in the Ifa/Orisa Spirituality, and sole creator of 222.9 The Mothership Internet Radio. She enjoys bringing and artistic and practical application to spiritual living!

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