Channeled Song: “Let it Flow” by Toni Braxton

This message channeled for Moonday, 10.2.23…on the Nightly Mystic 4Cast on 222.9 The Mothership Internet Radio (comes on live every night right here at 9pm CST!)…and it found YOU when it was meant to reach!

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This tarot message came from the 6 of Cups pointing east, of new beginnings in material abundance.

The underbelly of the deck revealed the Major Arcane Temperance card, appearing upright.

This read carries congratulatory energy! Where ever you are emotionally, keep doing what you’re doing! You have mastered some degree of channeling negative, hot, triggering energy into something you can use for the better! Hot triggering energy stems from pain…that thing that turns tears into rage. You have reached a stage past that point in channeling that temperance into divine use. Keep up the great work on yourself! See the links in the side widgets to book your personal session, in needed. Blessings be with you!

Ase in Love,

iiiYansaje T. Muse

The Blaq Madonna of the Airwaves

By iiiYansaje T. Muse

iiiYansaje T. Muse is a spiritual counselor, poet, visual artist, author, Priestess of Oya in the Ifa/Orisa Spirituality, and sole creator of 222.9 The Mothership Internet Radio. She enjoys bringing and artistic and practical application to spiritual living!

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