waters splash my face

after years at the bottom of

my wine dark sea.

an iiiYansa J. Muse Haiku

The Emporer is card number 4 in the Major Arcana of the Motherpeace Round Tarot deck.  His message sees to be  tricky one when he appears upright.  Through your trying times, you have attained some level of power, whether it is in money, power, social status, or all of the above.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor, but be proud of yourself in a way that is balanced and inspires others. It is easy to get tempted to keep it all for yourself, look down your nose at others, or treat others in the imbalanced way you were treated in the midst of your troubles. As opposed to succumbing to your vanity (we all have it), use this position of power to reciprocate to those who helped you long the way, and teach the ones who scoffed at you how being open is what truly leads to the highest blessings! Ase!


Goddess in the Vast Oceans of Inner Tide

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By iiiYansaje T. Muse

iiiYansaje T. Muse is a spiritual counselor, poet, visual artist, author, Priestess of Oya in the Ifa/Orisa Spirituality, and sole creator of 222.9 The Mothership Internet Radio. She enjoys bringing and artistic and practical application to spiritual living!

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