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oracles of cards
bring spiritual regards
from the seas within.
– an iiiyansa muse haiku

It is interesting how I often draw from the suit of cups on Moondays…I suppose it is in alignment with the oceanic energies of the Divine Feminine moontides. Today, my spirits gave me the 6 of cups, right. Its message is that we don’t always have to be emotional to deal with emotions. Waters, at the suit of cups symbolizes, work as reflectors, as well as cleansers in spiritual transition. In order for that to happen, our deepest emotions must come to the surface. Unfortunately, we live in a society that encourages us to suppress them, or cover them with masks of ego…but true healing comes with dealing with our emotions as they come to us, not always in a way that brings tears. The 6 is the number that deals with vibrations of material, so it may be essential to channel your emotions toward things in your life into creative projects or something that will bring material blessings to you, and testimony and inspiration to others. Crying time has passed.

Ase in Love, 

iiiYansaje T. Muse

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By iiiYansaje T. Muse

iiiYansaje T. Muse is a spiritual counselor, poet, visual artist, author, Priestess of Oya in the Ifa/Orisa Spirituality, and sole creator of 222.9 The Mothership Internet Radio. She enjoys bringing and artistic and practical application to spiritual living!

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