The Perfect Moonday Meditation Song: Toni Braxton’s “Let it Flow.”

blues aren’t always bad
they don’t have to make you sad
let your waters flow.
-an iiiyansa J. Muse haiku

The Moon is the planet that starts the day of the week, so that tends to put we human beings in a slumpy, place of introverted emotionalism on Mondays. This energy can easily be reversed when we take a second to align with what were feeling. Allowing oneself to be honest about their feelings gives way to processing those feelings so that they can be healed, the negative left behind, the the lessons needed to create a better day.

Music has a profound effect on our healing, and this is a song from my personal soundtrack. I played it all the time when I worked as a radio DJ, and did deep breathing to it when I found my heart heavy. My manifesting prayer is that it does the same for you.

Toni Braxton’s “Let it Flow,” is from the 1995 motion picture soundtrack of the smash film, “Waiting to Exhale.” The first lyric delivers: “First thing Monday morning, I’m going to pack my tears away…got no cause to look back, I’m lookin’ for me a better day…” The Ocean Mother must have really speaking through Babyface while writing this…and Toni while delivering, definitely! When I heard this as a child, I would get visions of relaxing beaches gentle breezes that blew my tears back in my face as a healing mist.Ms. Toni really delivered this timeless tune with pain, tranquility, and the natural flow to triumph. The video is even painted blue, flowy and refreshing. I strongly recommend you ad this song to your Moonday playlist to assist with your aligning. It will increase the comfort in letting go of the pain that blocks the waters of your emotional flow. Download it below to add it to your Mystic Jukebox!


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Author: iiiYansaje T. Muse

I am a woman called on by many names...diviner, messenger, psychic, magic lady, prophetess, wise woman, oracle, spiritualist, cosmic counselor, and voice of reason. While I'm not the most orthodox card in the deck, I do specialize in helping people to balance their energies, identify and get rid of blockages, decode dream and waking life symbols, stimulate compassion and understanding in families, assist with pet communication, find their higher path, read and repair auras, receive insight and clarity in multiple areas of life...and of course, the many paths of love. I met the Divine Creator/Creatoress while staring into firelight, digging into the earth, feeling a gentle breeze, or reading next to a tree. I was about 9, unknowing of being third, perhaps fourth generation seer from both sides of my family. The spirit world has always spoken to me through impromptu revelation, connections with babies and animals, and spirit guide messengers. I created this blog to share my cosmic findings with you!

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