Goddess in my ethereal soundtrack
whose backhand slaps rifts, belts, bellows and reels
hurt and heal so good…

like darts to the heart releasing pressure
scribe to her vibe in B-natural woman
libations…I pay homage

the matriarch vocale
on headphones in any locale
crooning strength and blackstrap molasses to my soul
when in too much pain to pray
turn her on, volume up
whiskey poured… cigar lit, myrrh incense…let her play…

through tears
she co-signed my smile at a new Dr. Feelgood
Giving him something he can feel
with my ankles crossed
after falling off a Chain of Fools
reminded a Rose was still a rose
I grow sharper thorns, just be cool
Sing a little prayer for you
and think of what they tried to do to me
for being young, gifted and black….
With my soul intact
cause this?
Is a different world from where I come from…

on repeat
drop the weight and cease to wait
while walking into Nazareth…feelin’ bout a half past dead…
gaze in the reflection
spell it, give it, live it…RESPECT

a walking crash course on do-right woman
her sass a sashay I emulate in my new rock steady
ready for a road less traveled now a freeway of love
after crossing many bridges over troubled water
I can be there to lay me down….

now…graduated into the honorable realm of ancestors
I weep and turn up the sound
when I gotta find me an Angel
“…Would you call me…the moment…you get there?”

iiiYansa J. Muse
an original poem
all rights reserved.

2018.8.16 My heart both weeps and rejoices in the passing of Music Matriarch Aretha Franklin.
I reflect on singing her songs and getting laughed at for being ahead of my time. The other little girls were singing En Vogue. But even they covered her song…I reflect on the oratory role her tunes played in surviving the hardest moments of my life, time when my diamond was still grinding as coal. I wonder how many tales of her match this one, in the lives of all her annointed vocale touched. The stories must be infinite…

Speaking of, God/Goddess all but broke the mold on Aretha Louise Franklin. It made perfect sense that her time with us was so supernaturally impactful. She came in zodiac house of Aries on Wednesday, March 25, 1942. Perhaps Mars was the driving force, the fire inside of each note. A fire that blazed decades of music, and hearts of millions of people worldwide.

Mercury and Uranus ruled the day she came on a life path number 8. Infinity… she sang as if she had done so for decades. Her moon made her a natural mother in the zodiac house of Cancer. Weren’t her songs like cool cucumber water when parched? The other mother on the radio, and countless other singers? Unapologetically emotional, if nothing else?

She graduated into the realm of the ancestors and began her next journey in the zodiac house of Leo on Thursday, April 16, 2018 after 76 years. Again, the path number marked an infinite 8, a divine design she was indeed. She came in divine fire, and left the same way, in infinity, while the moon was waxing in Scorpio. Still waters run deep…yes they do.

Giving thanks and praises. Libations.

Goddess in Thundering Firedance and Beautiful Diamond Rivers

Tribute Video coming soon.

By iiiYansaje T. Muse

iiiYansaje T. Muse is a spiritual counselor, poet, visual artist, author, Priestess of Oya in the Ifa/Orisa Spirituality, and sole creator of 222.9 The Mothership Internet Radio. She enjoys bringing and artistic and practical application to spiritual living!

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