The Sea Visit

Pataki. Oni Mi Ojo Aje, Erena Mejidilogbon Odun Egbawa Mejilelogun, Mejo ‘won ojo Igba Afere.

(Translate:) Diary. Today is Moonday, March 28th, 2022, 8 days into Spring Equinox.

It is the year of the woman, and I’m here for it. Maximizing all that I have to send my divine feminine healing essence to the four corners of the earth. Today, Yemoja and Olokun waters beckoned me to clear and replenish my own seas, so I may better quench the thirst of others. I was summoned by way of a spiritual family member and longtime friend, soul singer JAWAD. You can hear his original grooves on Tuesdays and Thursdays on my radio station, 222.9 The Mothership. He is a son of the waters, a Crab born in the third decan. The waters call him often, and this time I was blessed to accompany. That rising, I made my way to the marketplace for Yemoja, Osun, Oya, and Olokun’s offerings, making sure I took care of Esu at the crossroads and the roads of Ogun for safe and pleasant travels. On the way back home, I saw a young sista who just so happened to be a daughter of Yemoja. We vibed immediately and exchanged information. My babalawo in Egungun Society made a common joke about me always “running off with someone’s baby.” I guess he was right. I smile to myself at this affirmation. I love the alignment, the natural maternity of Yemoja, and the confirmation that the waters were calling.

JAWAD likes to kayak. brave soul. I suppose he rides the waves of the ocean, as he rides the waves of life. Its fascinating to see one being one with his element. Today, the beach greeted us with bright skies and cool, calming winds. Ase, Oya Iya Mi. As he prepared his boat, I prepared my prayers to they, Yemoja and Olokun.

It wasn’t long after the offering was given that the friends of the sea appeared amongst the seagulls. They began circling and squawking, so I decided to see if they wanted some watermelon. As opposed to throwing the food down, I decided to throw it in the air, and what do you know? They started catching the chunks of melon in mid air. How divine was it to be blessed to play catch with sea gulls? I allowed myself to bask in the affirmative response from nature to my offering. I must admit I am a woman with a special connection to birds, but that is another day’s entry. Ifa itself means “Wisdom Through Nature.” This diary entry is but one of countless examples.

P.S.S. Would you like to hear more mystic moon information infused with my original poetry and old skool grooves? Then beam up to my radio station, 222.9 The Mothership!

Jawad goes into the water for kayaking while I shell-hunted on the beach. While I was shelling, I was listening to the dreamy mothers of song on 222.9 The Mothership. My favorite moment of this experience was sitting still, listening to the voice of the wind. I know this was a Yemoja and Olokun day, my mother, Oya, speaks to me everywhere.

Ase in Love,

iiiYansaje T. Muse

Iyalosa Odujinmi Oyabunmi Abimbola

Author: iiiYansaje T. Muse

I am a woman called on by many names...diviner, messenger, psychic, magic lady, prophetess, wise woman, oracle, spiritualist, cosmic counselor, and voice of reason. While I'm not the most orthodox card in the deck, I do specialize in helping people to balance their energies, identify and get rid of blockages, decode dream and waking life symbols, stimulate compassion and understanding in families, assist with pet communication, find their higher path, read and repair auras, receive insight and clarity in multiple areas of life...and of course, the many paths of love. I met the Divine Creator/Creatoress while staring into firelight, digging into the earth, feeling a gentle breeze, or reading next to a tree. I was about 9, unknowing of being third, perhaps fourth generation seer from both sides of my family. The spirit world has always spoken to me through impromptu revelation, connections with babies and animals, and spirit guide messengers. I created this blog to share my cosmic findings with you!

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