ocean tides

the atlantic cries

7 times for some changes

7 planets regress

2018 wears a dress

and yoni streams

interpret dreams

that turned 2 moons blue

winds whisper a prophetic clue

that all things new…

are coming.

Pun intended.

-and iiiYansa J. Muse Poem

Pataki. (sacred story) 2018 11.20. I scribe this by candlelight in the last 2 days of Scorpio season, where the waters heat to give way to Sagittarius’s blue flame. The moon is waking in Aries, increasing my Mars drive into a string of restless but productive nights. I must say, this year flew by faster than a straw hut to the west wind during a tornado! Even in Her speed, 2018 brought about many prophetic phenomenons in the quasars that manifested in our living and being. Many interpretations flew ‘round the world about the cosmic meanings of the “year of the woman.” The rise of feminine power fueled both Jezebel and Judah if you ask me. Many patriarchal barriers were further broken this year, bringing many blessings to women with a positive mission, as well as for men aligned. However, the power of this year’s masterful feminine energy also became an elixir that many got drunk on…Her energy invoking entitlement, succubus draining, and male railroading…with no shame. The depths of these thoughts will be further explored upcoming published works. Oh, The wisdom the Goddess gave me about this…for starters, the masterful energy of the 11/2 is neutral in 2 ways; it is both masculine and feminine, as it takes the double digit of 1 (the erect number of masculinity) to add up to the 2, giving it both masculine and feminine properties. The intensity of the energy is neutral, awaiting at Esu’s crossroad to be channeled into universal greatness, or universal debauchery. Female energy lies in both males and females, (yes I said that) and a major aspect of masterful feminine energy is the return to individual nurture, ever calling humanity to give back to the Great Mother Earth the love she has given us. She sure did collaborate with the quasars this year to do some interesting things…

In the wake of a lunar eclipse, January hosted the first Super Blood Blue Moon to come in 152+ years. She came on Jupiter’s ruling day (Thursday)in my sun-kissed zodiac of Leo, the house of will, during the season of Her opposing sign, Aquarius, the house of cosmic knowledge. She flashed a bad omen and a warning sign to those who hate Israel, but I suppose those drunk on power not theirs just don’t believe that fat meat is greasy. I chuckle at the thought, letting my nerve endings heat when I reflect on how I spent it….on Gavleston’s cosmic beachside. Many of my ancestors came to these lands, from this place…Yemoja’s cool waters compressed and cleansed my feet. My arms were spread wide in Oya’s fierce winds, my eyes and mouth glassy, wide, and fixed on Her glow. I gulped in each inhale, filling my soul and my lungs with universal requests, releasing all imbalance in exhale, allowing the swift winds to carry them away…allowing the balance between my will and the house of the New Age to saturate my being.

Speaking of balance, the second Blue Moon came on March 31 in the zodiac house of Libra, the house of balance, during the season of its opposing sign, the unbridled Aries. She came on the day ruled by Saturn, blushing a hint of her Trickster energy. The color blue resonates with the orisa mother of all, Yemoja. There were 2, the number of the female. The moon in itself is feminine, bringing these quasar events to a totality of feminine energy. It was a time to submit to the power of manifestation, and for making fearless requests for massive life changes. The moons rule the waters, the most feminine element of the four. The Goddess troubled the waters this year, and a few of Her Atlantic children made landfall. Their names were Alberto, Beryl, Debby, Ernesto, Joyce, Leslie, and Oscar. The results for humanity were catastrophic! Ironically, August was a month this year that did not see a hurricane…perhaps she was giving that month more time to recover from Harvey last year.

2018’s Spring and Summer Solstice saw 7 planets in retrograde at the same time: Mercury, (communication)Mars(drive), Saturn(trickster), Uranus(intuition), Neptune(divine compassion), Pluto(regeneration), and Jupiter(expansion). The Great Mother called us to do some serious introspection during this time, bringing an intensity that just seemed to hang in the air. Those who respected an aligned with the planetary energies found themselves in a stillness while in motion, with more internal work being done than external. It invoked the need to trust in divine timing more than our own, bringing out our feminine receptive over our masculine drive. Perhaps the harvest shall reflect the inner works done…

2018 saw many energies rise, and many stars fall. In this moment the tides rise in my eyes, letting libations fall for the phenomenal women in our community that graduated into the realm of the ancestresses: Aretha Franklin (1942.3.25-2018.8.16), Willie Madikizela Mandela (1936.9.26-2018.4.2), Ntzoke Shange(1948.10.18- 2018.10.27), Yvonne Staples (1937.10.23-2018.4.10), Olivia Cole (1942.11.26-2018.1.19) Esna Cosby( 1973.8.8-2018.2.23) Francis Taylor Davis (1946.8.30-2018.11.17), and Kim Porter (1971.12.16-2018.11.15). Their transitions brought a conviction to my spirit. The torches are being passed, and women can no longer look up to the ones we admire without preparing ourselves to carry on their wisdom, class, and regality in their place….

There are 41 days left of the calendar year. Astronomically, we are in our 3rd and last Mercury Retrograde, in the shadow of Uranus, who is doing the same. If I didn’t know better, I would say the majority of this year kept us still and introverted enough to prepare to receive. Any actions done were more towards tightening up plans in motion while bringing closure to aspects of the past that may hinder the future. The calendar year ends on December 31, but keep in mind that January and February were added. The Great Mother starts the new year when four seasons complete themselves…that lands New Year’s Day on March 21. Either way, 2019 brings in the year of the 3… the year of the crossroad. Which side of the road will you invest your harvest?


iiiYansa J. Muse

Goddess in Thundering Firedance

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By iiiYansaje T. Muse

iiiYansaje T. Muse is a spiritual counselor, poet, visual artist, author, Priestess of Oya in the Ifa/Orisa Spirituality, and sole creator of 222.9 The Mothership Internet Radio. She enjoys bringing and artistic and practical application to spiritual living!

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